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Chris Pattle

Hello, I'm a freelance web developer based in the UK. I work closely with individuals and businesses from all over the world to create stunning websites.

How I almost halved my website page size

A wise man once told me that when it comes to programming...

"In everything you do you must think about performance"
This is very true and I've read a lot of articles recently about performance budgets for websites so I thought I'd go over my own website and see how I can improve it. So after performance testing my websit [...]

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Here's what I mean by "browser support"

As of the 12th January 2016 Microsoft are now only supporting the most current version of IE on the operating systems they support. This means that IE 7, 8 and 10 no longer receive technical support and securit [...]

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Freelancing Lesson 1: Communication is key

I've been freelancing for quite some time now, it’s been challenging so far and I've learnt a lot during this time.  I've learnt that one of the most important things to get right and agree upon before taking on a new freelance gig is communication.  I've had projects that have gone really well and others that have gone not so well and I believ [...]

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I'm passionate about open source and I like to contribute where I can, below are some stats about my contributions taken from my GitHub account





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11 Repositories, bytes of code, 421 commits


What my clients say about me...

"We employed Chris to do frontend development work for our main website and were very happy with the results - He delivered good quality code in a timely manner and communicated well with our team throughout the project. Chris delivered quickly on often complex specifications and also helped to clarify requirements when they were unclear. We have continued to employ Chris on other projects since and have been impressed by his ability to get things done.

Employing Chris has enabled us to extend our reach as a team and ship new features quicker than would otherwise have been possible."

Chris Whyley, Zamzar

"From day one, Chris impressed with his technical ability and eagerness to learn. His logical thinking and willingness to do things the right way ensured Chris produced high quality code which really helped push the company forward. Chris would never hesitate in asking for advice, and would never let a problem get him down."

Mark Stevenson, Animed Direct

"I've worked with A LOT of developers in my time. Trust, confidence and reliability have always been an issue, not to mention having to constantly oversee and micro-manage the developer's output. There's none of that with Chris. The best thing with him is that I can leave him to his own devices, and I know that he'll get the job done. It seriously reduces my workload.

He has plenty of initiative and cares deeply about his craft which always shows in the work he produces. I love that he constantly strives to up his game. Every time we collaborate on a project together, he's already 10% better than when we last spoke.

Chris understands how his work affects your project and your business. That's very rare, and that's why he's one of the best developers I've worked with."

Khuram Malik

"Gardenhands has nothing but praise for the professional approach, hard work and expertise exhibited by Chris. We look forward to a continuous working relationship in the years ahead"

Neil Westgate, Gardenhands

Chris is a proven winner when it comes to web development and has worked with us on both the front-end and back-end of design heavy responsive website. He is a team player, always responsive and works exceptionally well within a team environment. His code is clean, professional and he has always found a way to achieve results by leveraging the best technologies to create a fluid experience. He's well versed in not only great front-end work, but robust backend environments to deal with complex server-side implementations, custom tools built from scratch and many more A+ initiatives. Perhaps the best thing about Chris is that he never says "no" and will always figure out a way to achieve even the most complex needs of his client.

Kristian, 66 Audio

I'm based in London, UK

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